Skincare Benefits of Resveratrol

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Our Age-Defying Whipped Serum contains a very special ingredient named resveratrol. Though relatively new, it's fast becoming a favorite among dermatologists. Here at Her Royal Hempress, we're big fans because it's extremely effective and plays well with other powerful cosmetic actives when combined together.

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can be found in the skin of grapes, peanuts, all berries, and even dark chocolate. It's part of a group of compounds called polyphenols described by renowned dermatologist Dr. Michele Green "as the 'generals' gathering the troops to protect the cells against damage that leads to cellular aging."[4] Polyphenols are powerful agents that protect against UV radiation, inflammation, and free radicals—some of the skin’s greatest enemies. Antioxidants are nothing new in skincare, but resveratrol's particularly potent and unique ability to protect against cell damage is game-changing.

Resveratrol fights the process of aging on a cellular level by stimulating healthy cell proliferation. Dermatologist Ava Shamban explains, "It forms complex molecules with certain metal ions, inactivating their ability to form free radicals, and therefore improving cellular function and supporting fibroblasts, along with the creation of healthy collagen. This combination one-two punch makes resveratrol highly effective in combating the damaging effect of free radicals that leads to skin aging."[4]

Worried about sun damage? Studies have shown that resveratrol can prevent photoaging, a type of extrinsic aging that occurs when unprotected skin is repeatedly exposed to the sun. [2]. It's one of 600 antimicrobial compounds known as a phytoalexin, which is produced by plants to protect them from adverse conditions including excessive ultraviolet light, infections, and climactic changes.

In one study published by the National Institutes of Health in 2005, resveratrol was applied to the skin of laboratory animals, who were then subjected to high ultraviolet radiation. Researchers found the compound protected the animals. "It's a very good sunblock," Dr. Joseph Maroon explains, "It might be the ultimate sunblock for both plants in animals. In animals, it was shown to help prevent the development of skin cancer."[5]

With all these amazing benefits it's no wonder that resveratrol is fast becoming a must-have for skincare addicts and dermatologists alike.

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