The legend of Her Royal Hempress begins in enchanted fields of hemp. There, you’ll find her hard at work, harnessing the gifts of the world’s most healing plant. Tantamount to her success, are the bees and butterflies that make up her royal brigade of pollinators. They follow her everywhere she goes chanting, “All hail the hempress!”


When Her Royal Hempress isn’t busy crafting magical skincare essentials or blessing hemp buds, she’s out restoring wildflower habitats and defending bees like a boss. To her, healing others is a labor of love and a privilege.

Or, so the legend goes.


Our packaging design pays homage to the vital role pollinators play in helping medicinal plants thrive. If we didn't have bees and butterflies, we wouldn't have amazing natural remedies to heal our bodies and revitalize our skin. It's really that simple. 

As a beekeeper and certified permaculture design expert, our founder's love for vital pollinators is near and dear to her heart. That's why 5% of all our web sales go to supporting the Pollinator Partnership




As a little girl, I was convinced my grandmother's garden was inhabited by fairies and even built homes for them. That childhood fantasy inspired the creation of Her Royal Hempress. I hope my products deepen your connection with nature and tickle your imagination. Read more about my inspiration.


After working as a copywriter for almost a decade in NYC, I felt burned out and secretly wondered if there was more to life. Strangely enough, I found my answer in a small Wiccan store in the East Village called Enchantments. There, I discovered a book called "The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature" by Starhawk, a renowned eco-feminist. Her words opened up a new world to me and reawakened my love for herbalism and gardening. Within this book, I discovered the concept of permaculture: a holistic form of horticulture, and quickly began dreaming of a simpler, earth-conscious lifestyle. Not long after, my husband and I bought 10 acres in the Texas Hill Country and enrolled in a 6-month permaculture course in Austin, Texas. From 2016-2017, we transformed the property into a bohemian, hippie oasis devoted to beekeeping, permaculture, and the calming power of nature. LaLa Park has become a popular event/vacation destination and is the birthplace of Her Royal Hempress as well as where we grow hemp alongside our beehives. Recently, we had the honor of hosting the first Taste of Texas Hemp Cup as seen on KVUE NEWS.


I strongly believe that actions, not words, change the world. Even before I formulated my products, I knew Her Royal Hempress had to have a bigger mission in the world. Now more than ever, brands and the people behind them, need to give back. It's one of the main reasons I'm a beekeeper, hemp gardener and a certified permaculture design expert.

Emma Spivey 


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